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How Climate Change Can Have Huge Effects on the United Kingdom

In recent years the temperature in the UK has increased by one degree since 1970. Over the next 30 years, if the level of greenhouse gasses continues to increase then the temperature in the UK will also continue to increase. Even if the use of greenhouse gasses is minimised, effects will still appear throughout the UK. The effects of climate change in the UK will include:


  • Floods
  • A rise in sea levels
  • Warmer summers
  • Colder winters
  • Damage to nature


Climate Change Caused by Floods


Due to the harsher winters and heavy rainfall, the UK will face more severe floods in the following years. Leaving businesses, industries and homes at great risk. By 2080, the government have estimated that they could be spending 2 and 12 billion pounds on damage caused by floods. As a result of the ongoing floods expected in the upcoming years, schools and hospitals will be affected by the damage caused.

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The Rise in Sea Level


A rise in the sea levels can cause devastating impacts on coastal villages. Sea level rises can contaminate soil, damage nature and even cause wildlife numbers to decrease. Damage to coastal villages can cause a lot of disruption to those who live in these areas as homes and businesses can be completely destroyed.


Warmer Summers with Climate Change


Although warmer summers seem like a good thing, it actually will cause more harm than good. With warmer summers usually comes drier weather. This is a problem as it means that crops will not be able to grow as efficiently due to drier conditions in the ground which can even cause frequent droughts. A warmer summer means that the living conditions in the UK would be perfect for animals found in hotter countries. For example, mosquitos are better adapted to warmer climates which means deadly diseases can be brought into the UK by these insects.


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Colder Winters


With a colder winter, there will be more public transport issues which will make it extremely difficult for people to get to and from work each day. The colder winters can have a huge impact on the wildlife as temperatures can drop drastically. This leaves animals in the wild at risk of being unable to find food to eat causing many more deaths.


Damage to Nature Caused by Climate Change


With these extreme weather conditions brought from climate change, there can be a lot of damage to nature. This includes habitats being completely destroyed along with unbearable living conditions for animals.

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